Saturday, September 20, 2008

There's something new...

Once upon a time we bought a house with a teeny kitchen and a big empty purposeless room. The said big empty purposeless room was also HIDEOUS. Brick red walls, gold trim, outdoor plastic green carpeting wall to wall. Weird walls and doorways... Luckily it had a door so I could close it off and sing a happy song.
And I had a dream....
Okay, so once upon a time was only a year and a half ago but that's two summers of canning in a small kitchen, five major holidays of holiday cooking and baking in a teeny space, fourteen elbows bumping each other constantly and nine months of being twice as wide in that small kitchen = a long time in a small kitchen!

Standing in our entryway, this is the view looking to the left. To the right is the living room, but to the left - well, that's where all the exciting fun is these days. Granted, the only people who use this entryway and its enormous set of double doors are neighbors at Christmas time and the porch is so dilapidated I'll have to put yellow warning tape around it soon.... but anyway, back to the left....

Past the table of birthday goodies....
Is that a counter top? A faucet? Be still my heart!

Beautiful, beautiful kitchen of my heart!

The agonies of bumping and tripping over other people you will save me! The lack of elbowing one another as we pass in the kitchen! The more than two square feet of space for kneading dough, rolling out six pie crusts, canning - oh, the room for canning!

The sweet little fridge that is pretty and has enough space for food for 2.1 people.
Since we are a family of seven, the massive monstrosity of a fridge that we use now will be housed in the garage to hold everything else and the twenty dozen duck eggs that are crowding us out. (They are de-lish btw.)

And this is my beautiful thrifted chair. Sean says it is my supervisor chair. I think it'll be great this winter with that wood stove roaring away on cold mornings, a cup of Earl Gray in hand.
Looking back the other way...
Lots of trim work/ veneer work/cabinet crown molding to be done but I am so excited! Love it.
(photos will enlarge if you click on them.)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Hand cut blue stone island counter top

And soon to be off my front lawn - Hallelujah!
The small cut out is for the prep sink and the larger one is for the slide in range.