Friday, November 7, 2008

DIY Funnies

I walked into the kitchen to find Sean running the liner for the woodstove up the chimney and this:

Tin backsplash scoop

Bell wrote and asked: "Just beautiful! I'd been waiting to see it. Is your back splash tin?"

So here is the backsplash, thrifty inside scoop: It looks like tin, feels like tin, but nope, it is not tin! We decided to do tin here to tie it into the existing tin ceiling in the room behind the kitchen and also because I am not a big fan of tile and grout in a kitchen. But tin is ridiculously expensive. So were the fake tin panels sold in the kitchen section of Lowes and Home Depot for this purpose.

What to do, what to do.... After searching online, being sent samples of flimsy plastic "tin" panels that would never hold up on a backsplash, I had a moment of inspiration at Lowes and checked out their ceiling panel department and found these. I believe the panels were $16 each for a two by two panel. It wasn't exactly cheap but it was the best option with the least expense incurred. The panels are thick, sturdy, washable and went up with liquid nails.

Lastly, here is the wall being taken down. Sean says it is not a good thing when your wife calls you at work and asks where the sledgehammer is. I cannot imagine why not....

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

More kitchen remodel photos

We (especially me!) are loving our new kitchen!

One of the nifty drawers...

I love the glass doors and plate rack. Must thrift some cuter plates for up there though...

Our sink is composite granite from Lowes. The faucet is from

Yippee! The wall is gone between the kitchen and diningroom!

I have to do a quick post on these lights. They were cheap-o lights from Lowes that I tinkered with for that Pottery barn on a budget look.

This original staircase is so very steep. I am getting used to it though. Upstairs will be the boy's bedroom and a family/playroom.

Our free fridge (credit card reward program) and free chalkboard that I pulled off a curb.

I love these deep drawers.

Sean says this is the supervisor's chair.

Another nifty cupboard!