Friday, March 14, 2008

New kitchen plans

I know I haven't posted here in ages. We haven't been slacking off at all, I promise. I've just been slacking at keeping this updated. Sean spent a weekend reinforcing the part of our house with a flat roof. This was messy and complicated and I'll get into that in another post.
Meanwhile, I've wallpapered a hallway and painted an enormous living room. But back to the new kitchen...
Remember this photo? Sean gutting and a lot of horsehair plaster and dust. We were blessed that a friend wanted some fill on her property and that all got dumped for free there. 3 truckloads, I think.

Here is the computer drawing for that same area with the stairs in the background. On the left are two wall ovens that we keep going back and forth on. Primarily because of cost. If I see two of these on Lowe's clearance aisle you can bet I'll make up my mind and grab them. Spending an extra grand or so just to have ovens in the wall isn't worth it to me.
On the island is a cooktop but here we are thinking of installing a slide in range with a downdraft.

The portion of the wall where our daughter is standing will be opened up to the diningroom on the other side.

Here is that same wall with the entry to the diningroom to the right of the fridge. We currently have a behometh of a fridge that we'll sell. Without downsizing our fridge, it would protrude at least four inches out from the cabinets. I figure we can always get a beater fridge in the garage for around holiday time if we need to.

This is our fireplace where my pretty enameled cast iron woodstove will sit with some sort of cushie chair nearby. meanwhile the search for a good mason in central NY who doesn't charge a $100 an hour is on. Anyone know anyone?

Here is that view of the fireplace. This tacky computer drawing of it was all they could come up with.

This is the island view facing the kitchen door and two front windows. I'm hoping for some enormous chandelier over the island. There will be plenty of room for some seating built in under one of the windows, I think.
Last but not least, this is the kitchen we're working with now. Not terrible at all and only three years old. Just not conducive for cooking for a big family and the size does not fit the house. We plan on selling it all. The neighbors that own a kitchen store and are doing our current kitchen installed this one as well. The owner says that these cabinets are still made and that we should have no trouble at all selling it. Anyone interested? Yes, my drawers do close, I just have little kids in them all day!