Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Oh boy....

So what happens when they put plumbing in a 200 year old house, run it inside the uninsulated exterior walls and then the temps drop below zero at night?
(our three year old took the photo. Not so bad, eh?)

The pipes from the bathtub upstairs froze yesterday and burst today. I came downstairs early this morning and walked into the dark kitchen. Umm... wet feet. Not good.
Snuck back upstairs and whispered to Sean to get up. He confirmed my suspicions. Lovely.
Now we are in the process of moving the cast iron tub so he can fix the pipes underneath it. He can't get to them from the kitchen below.Yes, I am seven months pregnant today! And yes, that is a horrendous photo which I briefly considered photoshopping but how lovely can you make a photo of a large pregnant woman using a crowbar to tear off wall tiles around a tub? The three year old also took this photo which is why I'm laughing.
By the way, if you're missing any socks, I've found them. Someone once used them to insulate the pipes under the tub. Worked real well, huh?
Since we are in the process of making a new kitchen it isn't really all as bad as it could be - other than the fact that I'll have a torn apart ceiling for a few months until the new kitchen is done.
The upstairs bath will be redone later this year after we put a bathroom downstairs. It couldn't have gotten much uglier than it was already. There were no regrets having to tear that hideous tile off the wall to pull the tub out!